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Somewhere between my Maw and Pops, I fell in love with this earth.

My Maw is always snapping stuff up. Yes - snapping up Cadbury Cream eggs three-for-a-dollar in the days following Easter, and pretty watches that are just different enough from the last to warrant a purchase. But more so, the pinecones, stones, nuts, apples, buds, cherries, and rosehips - free for the taking, though we have been chased from the odd orchard - that feel good in the hand.

My Pops (short for Popsie Poo - the mailpeople love it), when given the choice, will always take the road less traveled. The curvier, the windier, the more out-of-the-way the road, the more likely he will hit it. Which is how, one time, in a Camry on a 4x4 road far from anywhere, we saw a painted sign "eggs for sale," and we wondered: do deer and bears and hawks eat eggs by the dozen?

So me: more in love with the trail than the road, I love maps, picking mushrooms, snapping photos of rocks (which never look good), generally preferring my feet on the ground than my head in the clouds. This blog is nothing more nothing less than my musings of life on this earth - an earth to be wondered at, walked on, and experienced - bits and pieces, like a handful of snap-ups.

Carrie Karsgaard